Primary Schools Project

Help Complete The Construction Of These Schools

Darbhanga, Bihar, India

The school is being run in a partially built  building  serving about 80 kids. There are another 300 children in village who haven’t joined the school because of lack of space and facility. To make it a functional primary school, following capital expenses are expected. 

  • Three additional classrooms: $5000 x 3= $15,000
  • Two Bathrooms (one for each gender) : 2x $2000 =$4,000
  • Boundary Wall : $3000
  • Flooring, Electrical, Windows and Paint for all rooms: oms  : $1000 X 5 = $5,000
  • Windows and Doors for all rooms:    $500 X5  =  $2,500
  • Other incidentals: $500

Kindly consider sponsoring for one or more of  the expenses listed above.  

Samastipur, Bihar, India

Currently the school has about 60 students enrolled and is being run with one teacher, under open skies on bare soil with just shades of trees to provide some relief from scorching sun.

Land has been donated by a gracious family. Some funds have been collected but need additional $20,000 towards construction costs. The cost of construction is about $20/sqft. Kindly consider donating one of more “sqft” for this school