Lakshwadeep In Danger

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Lakshwadeep in Danger

Join us to discuss the concerns of the Islanders of Lakshadweep regarding the recent decisions of it’s federally appointed administrator.

Lakshadweep – India’s smallest union territory. It’s a tropical archipelago of 36 atolls and coral reefs in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Kerala. Out of the 36 islands, only 10 are currently inhibited.

The Lakshadweep Islands have been witnessing a host of draft proposals and executive orders since the appointment of Praful Khoda Patel in December, 2020. These proposals are being carried without the consent of the islanders. The steps being taken to develop tourism in Lakshadweep will result an ecological and social disaster by disturbing the sensitive ecosystem of the islands.

The measures being enacted in the islands seem to be specifically targeted towards eroding the cultural heritage of Lakshadweep. These so called developmental reforms threaten the islander’s beliefs, rights and even their land and homes. The people of Lakshadwep believe these reformations are in direct conflict with the cultural practices and food habits as well.

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Live stream starts on July 3rd, 11:30 AM EST/10:30 AM CST/9:30 AM MST/8:30 AM PST